The adopted rules

As mentioned in the previous post, these rules have been adopted from the HappinessProjectLondon; you can see the original rules and the thinking behind them here, but I’ve just used the headings and then put what I hope to achieve in the next 100 days.

1. Be active

My mum once said to me ‘you only get old when you stop moving’. What fantastic advice! You can read it so many different ways – never stop moving in your profession, never stop moving in your relationships, never stop moving your body – it applies to so much and adds so much to everything you do.

I’m in my thirties but have always felt I want to do stuff that I’ll still be able to do in old age. For this reason I love swimming, cycling, yoga, snowboarding, surfing and anything that doesn’t really feel like exercise when you’re doing it. Now, living in London means I don’t get to go to the slopes or the beach as often as I’d like, so I’ll stick to the swimming and the yoga. At the moment, my wife and I take turns going to yoga classes on Saturdays. I’m happy to stick with this routine – 3 hours of guided yoga per month and the rest done each morning working through a few sun salutations.

I also have a gym membership through my work which allows me to use the pool – so I’ll aim to swim 50 laps twice a week.

In summary, over the next 100 days I’ll aim to:

  1. Cycle 1 hour each day (commute to work)
  2. Swim 50 laps twice a week (1.25km or 0.78 miles) totalling about 1.5 miles per week
  3. Do sun salutations each morning and 90 minute yoga class twice a month

2. Connect

I’ll aim to catch-up, chat and connect with friends, colleagues and neighbours more often. I’ll particularly look at interacting more with our neighbours and getting to know them better. As most of my family are in Australia, I’ll continue to speak to them on a weekly basis.

3. Give

I’ll look for opportunities to help people on a daily basis, but will also find a charity cause to donate money to and a good cause to volunteer 1-2 hours per week to. It will obviously have to fit around work, but I’ll try to be as flexible as possible.

4. Nurture – Help something to grow.

  1. Learn more about gardening and making our little roof terrace come to life with vegetables and flowers.
  2. Spend time with my daughter now learning together, reading, playing and laughing to ensure she grows into a well-balanced, loved and capable person.
  3. Focus on 1 room per month in our flat to paint, sand and generally rejuvenate our home.

5. Learn

For this 100 day period I would like to focus on 2 things I love and have been meaning to learn more about for a while:

  1. Structured learning of the guitar, with exercises and practicing songs I know and love. Also learning nursery rhymes and songs to sing with my daughter.
  2. Learning more about wine in a structured way. This means self-study through the Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET) Level 1 Foundation certificate in wines. No. 22 restaurant in Herne Hill have a wine club which looks really good, but unfortunately it is on a Tuesday evening which is the same night as we go Ballroom Dancing.

6. Be Curious

I’ll try and slow down during the day and take in what is around me. Look up, see the buildings, people, noises and things happening around me.

The remaining six rules speak for themselves really, so I won’t be updating these as often as the others unless something out of the ordinary happens (e.g. whilst smiling/chatting to a stranger or discovering a daily treat that I feel has to be shared!)

7. Count at least 5 blessings per day

8. Phone a long-lost friend and arrange to meet up

9. Give yourself one treat a day and really enjoy it

10. Have a good laugh at least once a day

11. Smile/say hello to a stranger once a day

12. Cut TV viewing in half

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4 Responses to The adopted rules

  1. Hi there – I got a pingback to my blog from your site – great stuff! Very pleased to have inspired you and really keen to find out how you get on. And please keep checking the site for how I’m getting on.

    I’ve found it easier to connect, be active, nurture and be curious. But I’m finding it hard to “give” as larger charitable ideas have been hard to fit into my life, so I’m constantly on the lookout for smaller charitable ideas (any ideas you have I’d be very interested). Also not had time to “learn” much – would love to start Spanish or do a jewelry making course but again the same problem – time.

    Good luck and I look forward to following how you’re getting on!

  2. BTW I love your ideas about learning guitar and about wine – both things I’d love to do, and I love the bits about nurturing your home, your daughter and your roof terrace 🙂

    • 100helixdays says:

      Hey Sasha,

      Great to hear from you. This whole blog thing is quite new to me and part of my ‘learn’ theme will be getting to grips with customising it as I go. Really great to have feedback so instantly, and a little daunting! I’m excited about the next 100 days and beyond – it’ll be small steps each day – but after 3 months it will hopefully add up to a big change! Loving your burger quest BTW, and glad my good intentions have re-invigorated your rules anew!

      Catch you soon,

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